The very first building blocks Delric Construction laid was on May 6, 1976 which was the date the company was incorporated. Delric Construction's office and warehouse is located in North Haledon, NJ which helps us service our client’s needs throughout NJ and the borders of PA & NY State. The founders Biagio Della Cerra and Robert Ricciardi were union carpenters who came out of the trenches literally & figuratively. During the earlier years the two craftsmen physically labored and built with their hands helping make Delric Construction the experienced contractor it is today. Their field experience is a major contributing factor of Delric Construction's ability to find resolutions to any issues that may arise.

Along the way Delric Construction grew by adding experienced office staff, engineers, project managers and field personnel that helped compliment the hard work ethics of the founders. With over a century of combined construction experience, Delric Construction has the know how to get it done. Delric’s ability to perform numerous trades in-house sets us apart from our competition. Let Delric Construction show you how we tower above others by letting you concentrate on your business and not on your construction project.

Delric Construction is financially capable of undertaking any project regardless of the size or complexity. Delric Construction has an unlimited prequalification with the State of New Jersey Division of Property Management/Construction and the New Jersey School Development Authority. Furthermore with our proven track record, Delric Construction's available bonding capacity is in excess of $250,000,000.00. Although Delric Construction can handle the most complex of your projects costing millions of dollars, we do not refrain from providing the same standard of care for modest projects.

Today, Delric Construction believes that we rank among the best in the industry, specializing in all types of commercial projects. From new construction to renovations, multi-story buildings, schools, warehouses, parking garages, municipal buildings and other commercial projects - Delric Construction has the right tools and the right men for the job.